Sedona Workshop – Scott Stulberg

I just got back from an amazing workshop in Sedona with Scott Stulberg.  Have you seen Scott’s work?  Simply put, it’s stunning.  I was looking forward to the opportunity to learn from Scott and further my knowledge particularly in sunsets, night, and star scenes.  I was not disappointed.  While it rained during our 4 day workshop, Scott was very accommodating and worked hard to make sure we got good shots and had a great time.  The workshop was intense and informative.  In short, outstanding!

cathwavePSisplittree viewPSi

Sedona made for an awesome setting and backdrop for magnificent clouds, sunsets, and magical lighting.  Check out my other Sedona pix at and musings.sunset skyPSi


airport cityltsPSi


My Fire Fighter

j frt smilPSi

John just got his FireFighter Cert.. moving him from Volunteer to Reserve.

Most of the calls we get up here are rescue and medical emergency calls for which the guys are first responders and ambulance drivers to get the patient to nearby hospitals.  We do get our fair share of ATV / quad accident and vehicle roll overs.

smoky trees2_Ssi

The fires we get are mostly forest fires handled by the Forest Service (with the rare assistance from our community fire department).

generalfire_Ssi flagmoonsmok_Ssi

Last year we had a number of fires.  The General Fire, Jack Fire, and several others.FIreMergei

j darkPSi  centersectPSi

John’s training was pretty daunting with all the book learning, memorization, and physical training.  We’re glad he’s through it and back home where we can get back to working on other things.