Dual Use Wine

So what do you do with the wine bottle after you drink it?  I know, I know… make glasses!  Not what you were thinking?  Well, that’s what we do with them.  It’s an insane project I must admit.

First, you have to drink the wine.

Then, you have to wash the bottle and score the wine bottle with a hand glass cutter.  We like using wine bottles that have some fun painted-on labels these days… rather than having to take off the paper labels.

Next (we have to figure out a better process someday), we use a candle and heat around the glass score mark the circumference of the bottle for several minutes… then run to the closest cold water spigot and chill it down…. keeping your fingers crossed and your breath held hoping it breaks perfectly when you gently tap it on the corner of the sink.

Finally, you sand sand sand to get the edge nice and clean.  Being careful to not overdue it, as if the glass gets too hot it will break in your hands.


It’s a long tedious process for every single glass.  We often wonder why we continue to do them… but them make great gifts that our friends seem to enjoy.  I wonder if they realize how much work goes into every glass?

In the end, you have a cool wine bottle glass that tells it’s own story with individuality and uniqueness…. and you got to enjoy the wine.


Ice Whiskers


I’ve said it before, but for someone who always professed to hate the cold, I sure do enjoy the new snow.  Not only the pristine beauty of the fresh snow hanging on the trees and trunks of large pines and scraggly limbs… but the animals the fresh snow tends to bring in.  Somehow the animals seem to move around more when it snows… and we get more glimpses of them… and if I’m lucky, good photographs.


The snow makes a gorgeous backdrop with it’s white contrast to the brown coloring of the animals fur.  The animals seem to enjoy the sunshine after the fresh snow as they relish in it’s beauty just as I do.


elk kneelPSi.JPG

We saw a couple families of deer and elk with some young ones from the last litter… what a treat to watch.


3som profPSi.JPG

They do have their personalities. If only I could understand elk speak.




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