Havasu Balloon Festival

It’s been a couple decades since we were last in Lake Havasu City.

I recall that we had fish and chips along the boardwalk in the English Village overlooking the London Bridge.  I remember thinking how charming it was… and how insane to move the London Bridge.  That was then.   Fast forward 20+ years, and we found it has all changed.


We were disappointed to find that the English Village is all boarded up and now defunct.  I understand the property owners are wanting to re-zone so that they can build some profitable condos.  From my perspective, Lake Havasu City lost a good tourist attraction and a charming tourist draw.

We went to visit friends and attend the Havasu Balloon Festival.  firstltPSifreedomgestPSi

We’d been to the Balloon Festival in Albuquerque and gotten some great photos, so we were keen to see if we could get some worthy photographs during our trip.

flamgup vertPSi freindshipflag vertPSi flamvert2PSi

The balloon festival was much more than I expected.  It had a mass ascension every morning, and a night glow every evening.  During the day there was skydiving and bi-plane performances.  There were tons of ‘shops’ to buy anything from a pontoon boat to a side by side or rail.  An arts and crafts festival sold balloon themed crafts, t-shirts, and knick knacks.



We went every day of the 3 day event (Friday – Sunday) and walked our feet off.

It was a great opportunity and venue to visit with our friends, and a cool activity.

We totally enjoyed ourselves and would definitely go back.

Thanks to our friends for inviting us.purproksPSi

See more pix on kritterspix.com


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