Pizza Oven, Part Two: The Oven

If doing the prep wasn’t enough of a chore… building the actual oven, was a mathematical, mind bending, brick laying challenge.   But gratifying none the less.  The bigger the challenge, the larger the reward.  We worked hard, and yielded great results.

They have been making pizza ovens for centuries… so what makes it so hard?  As someone who saw what we were doing… “it isn’t a kit?” No.  How do you know where they go… each row is custom.. and each piece individual.  Not only is it not a kit.. we have no plans.  If we weren’t worried about doing a quality job, with good clean joints, and sharp lines… it would have been an easier task.  But we took our time to assure we could ‘productionize’ each step, making the joints as small as possible, and thermal dynamics (and heat transfer) as uniform and even as we could to make an efficient, sound, and beautiful oven.

Each day is an adventure… and with it’s own reward.

For those who have done it… welcome us to the club… it was a daunting challenge, one we feel proud and stronger for having achieved.  Wow.  What an endeavor!

Check it out….

Pizza Oven Video



  1. Hi Kathy;For some reason, this link sends me to a pretty hilarious Why You Shouldn’t take your Girlfriends Hunting video.   I couldn’t see a pizza oven anywhere… Love, Paul



  2. Kathy, John,

    Your hard hard work and commitment to excellence pays off. The pizza oven looks beautiful. Congratulations!! I’m sure you will enjoy the finished product (if not already). The building of the hearth and dome in the video is amazing. You guys never cease to amaze!!! I guess i had no idea of how the finished project would look. Foolish me.

    Love Jim Glinos



    1. Thanks, Jim. Yes, it has been quite the monumental endeavor, something hard to explain or comprehend. It’s been a lot of hard work and effort, but it’ll pay off in the end when it’s done. We hope to be done this year, but alas, there is still a lot of exterior facade to complete, and winter is fast approaching. I’ll post a final video when it is finally done. Thanks for checking in.



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