Wagon Wheel Park

wwpark fallsPSi.JPG

We are always on the lookout for a nice place to relax and have lunch.  It makes for a great little outing in a tranquil, peaceful environment.  It keeps us sane and stress free from life’s stress inhibitors.  So when a Firefighter friend mentioned this cascading stream just outside of Payson, only an hour or so from the house.. we were all in.

Wagon Wheel park is unmarked, and uncrowded, yet right in the city.  The turn off is actually directly across the street from the Home Depot.  As you wind through a residential looking road you wind up with parking areas on either side allowing one the opportunity to walk the creek and settle in for a picnic.

wwfalls sidePS2i.JPG

wwpark frtPS2i.JPG

Even the dog had fun playing in the water as she chased a stick and wore herself out.


It was great fun, relaxing, and a pleasant way to spend the afternoon.


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