Retaining Wall

So if you have been following me and my blog, you are probably aware that this blog is one of three blogs I try to keep up with.  I have my foodie blog,; and my photo blog,  Maybe you follow just one or all three.

This blog,, is my general blog.  It is more travel and project centric.  Having said that, I haven’t posted a lot of projects lately.  So if you’re following, you’re probably wondering what happened after that massive pizza oven project.  Well, don’t despair, we haven’t hung up our hammer or power tools.

When we first built our cabin in the woods 5 years ago, we designed and built a bridge to literally ‘bridge the gap’ to our house.  You can see that video here.

While the bridge incorporates several safeties to assure there are no ‘surprises’, we have found that the ledge of the moot is crumbling and eroding with the weather shifts.  Thus, we have embarked on securing the wall.  Admittedly there are many different ways to approach this problem statement, and we debated many of them.  What we decided on was a rebar and wire mesh lined with landscaping cloth, anchored on the stable land, and filled with rock.

wire walli.JPG This re-bar wall winds around the solid land dirt crumbling wall.  In all it’s over 60′ long.  The re-bar is in; the wire mesh, and landscaping cloth all installed.  It is drilled and anchored to solid ground, and now awaiting to be filled with 25 ton of crushed red granite. blk cloth2i.JPG

blk cloth3i.JPG

Believe me… pictures don’t do it justice.

Next up, we will plasma cut metal animals to ornamentally grace the wall.




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