Function over Form

Since I have started selling more photographs I have needed a more useful ‘studio’ space.  Necessity is the mother of invention they say, and we created a work surface to sit on a futon coach we had in our office.  We put cute little curtains in front of it to hide the fact that it was actually a couch that this work top sat on.


Somehow we actually thought we might use the couch again… well that wasn’t a viable idea!  Instead the couch became a place to put stuff… on, under, and around.  So we opted to get rid of the couch altogether, and build some cabinets to house the clutter that collected around the couch.

clampg cabntsi.JPG


We cut 7 sheets of baltic birch 7-ply plywood to make sides, tops, bottoms, shelves and doors for our cabinets, veneering all the edges with solid pecan wood.  We made 3 separate boxes.  We sanded the doors, shelves and boxes, and fit hinges for the flush mount doors.

sanding doorsi.JPG

fittg hinges2i.JPG

Then we stained and finished the bunch of them over 3 days.

staing doorsi.JPG

sprayg shelvesi.JPG

unstained cabntsi.JPG

Once they dried we brought them up to the office and installed them in place.


finished cabnti.JPG

Whew!  What a difference.  They are not only beautiful, but functional.. and clean.  No more clutter.  They came out great.




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