Oregon Coast

harris beach ltPSi.JPG

Oregon does it right.  With about 362 miles of coast land, they celebrate it at every turn.  I counted over 70 State Parks along the way… on the coast alone (no mention of inland Parks).  These parks offer Day Use & Camping (for hikers, bikers, campers, and RV’ers).  They are full of scenic trails, picnic tables, fire pits, and nature walks.  I so respect and admire their preservation of this absolute beauty and their embracing and sharing of it to their own and other communities.

kentuckyfallstrail copyPSi.JPG

There are wooded rainforest lands, lighthouses along the way, and rock outcroppings in the sea afar.  It’s diverse, stunning, and gorgeous.





  1. Indeed. California’s coastal drive gets a lot of attention, but after we looked up Oregon (because if this post), perhaps more should be done to trumpet the beauty that can be seen and experienced all along this stretch of coast. At 360miles its just about right for a few days’ slow wondering!



  2. The California Coast is beautiful as well, but I don’t think CA celebrates it the way Oregon does. There are more nature, walking, and hiking trails with lots of State Parks along the way in Oregon… lots of lighthouses… and less people than CA. The California coast road cuts inland away from the coast and gets busy with more civilization, bigger towns, and more redwoods. The worlds a beautiful place with lots to see… do them both! 🙂 I’ll post another for CA to show a comparison.



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