Fred Flintstone Log Benches

It’s hard to believe we started this project 2 years ago, and are just now getting around to finishing it.  I could tell you that we were letting the wood dry, but the truth is that it has taken us that long for it to come up on the schedule.

After finishing our pizza oven and corn hole area, we wanted to put some benches around the area for ‘spectators’ to sit.  Our neighbor, Pat, (Thanks, Pat) donated a couple trees for our endeavor and so we cut them in half.

Our friend Jim, was visiting from Wisconsin, so we put him to work… back 2 years ago.  Remember that Jim?!

jim chainsawi.JPG

Jim cut our trees in half, as we steadied the logs with our tractor.  With the logs cut in half length wise, we used a hand plainer, angle grinder, and wire brush to burnish the chain saw marks and smooth over the cut surface.


Once that was done, we used the chain saw to cut grooves for a steel banding to tie together the seat part to the back part, then chiseled it out smooth.




We cut small logs, cutting wedges into them, to give the log bench something to sit on.

base cuti.JPG

Then we pinned it together and got it ready to move in place.

bench movei.JPG

bench installdi.JPG

Once installed we oiled it to protect the wood and it’s ready for company.




  1. Jim,
    You should come check out the culmination of your efforts. I can see us kicked back lounging out there.. practicing corn hole. What do you think? I’ll make pizza.



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