A Whoosh and a Tale


We got about 8 inches of snow out of this last storm.  I am loving the beautiful fresh fallen snow on the trees.. and this sweet deer taking it all in.

Then… in a Whoosh, 1/100th of a second later, to be exact.  From right behind the tree came quite a surprise to me… and this lucky deer.

MountainLion Leap_IR.jpg

OMG!  What the HECK was THAT?!?!

In a flash, this mountain lion thought he had dinner.   But in just a matter of minutes, he was back empty-pawed.

Mountain Lion Snow_IR.jpg

Dejected and hungry, he left the scene of the near miss, not to be seen again.


The deer have since been back… but are a lot more cautious and alert.


It was the first mountain lion I have EVER seen in the wild.  I felt so fortunate to get a shot of it.  As it was… I was looking through my viewfinder when it happened…. and it was over in less than a blink of an eye.  Life happens quickly, it pays to know your path and be prepared.

Buck Butt_IR.jpg





  1. Wow, how lucky was that. I’m surprised you could keep the story going. Great shots! Now you know, he knows food is int he area. Thanks. Perfect timing.



    1. Yes! It all happened so fast. The clock on my camera indicates it was over in .03 seconds from beginning to end. I was lucky to get off a shot at all. While I wish they were better shots, I feel very fortunate to have gotten what I did. Right place Right time …. absolutely! Watching it unfold through my viewfinder was CRAZY! A once in a life time thing… what are the chances?! So glad the deer escaped (whew!).



  2. The luck of the photographer! You always come away with the best wildlife shots……. timing is everything. The beautiful creature has made its presence known, he will be back.



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