Oregon Coast

We just got back from the Oregon Coast, a trip we have made now multiple times in the last few years.

There is something special about the scenery and the seafood. We took the opportunity to get a much needed respite for some relaxing views, and amazing seafood.

We saw deer, elk, turkey, and even sheep along the way, along with rock spires, docks, and ocean views. This time of year, the weather was windy and cool with occasion rain…. a bit chilly. But we got some nice walks in and visited some great seafood spots for some amazing fresh seafood.

We camped in mostly state parks which offered some terrific walking trails filled with wonderful vistas and colorful plants. We were especially enamored with the western skunk cabbage which we coined the more affectionate name, ‘sea lilies’, with great bright yellow lily looking flowers, amidst large green leaves.

We enjoyed fresh oysters and clams, cooked and raw; fresh fish (ling cod, rock fish, and petrole sole); and fantastic Dungeness crab. The 2021 dungeness crab season isn’t the best, but we did manage to get a few tastes in of some terrific crab, as we picked up fresh fish at the docks and markets, caught that day, and enjoyed that night in our camper every day.

The drive home was a sad one as we enjoyed the redwoods of Northern CA, and headed back home, ending our sabbatical too soon. I’m ready to do it again already.

See more photos here … https://kritterspix.com/2021/04/21/oregon/



  1. Good morning Kathy and John,

    I must have missed the Oregon trip pictures somehow, I just noticed them looking for something else. They are beautiful, looks like you had a nice trip, it is very pretty country in the West. We enjoyed our Oregan trip with Ryan and Raquel a few winters ago. How are you doing? We have been happy and healthy here, We moved Ryan up to Eau Clair, WI. in June, where he is working at Midwest Manufacturing for MR, Mennard, he enjoys his new job and loved meeting the owner and his family. He quickly made himself at home in Eau Clair by joining the local Ski Team, where he is able to share his love for the outdoors, on the water that is, driving the boats and being pulled by them. When hes not working overtime on the weekends he spends time with his new friends. He loves his new home, which backs up to a small forest and is one home away from the Chippewa River where he sees deer and Turkey right out his back window. He is about a 4 hour drive North West from here, he was able to visit us this past weekend.

    Raquel is still working at In His Arms where she has her own class ages 6 to 10 years, she has her students before and after school hours and during the summer months. She also teaches the 4K class 2 or 3 days a week, during school season. When she’s not at Planet Fitness working out after Day Care hours, she instructs private swim lessons for students, usually done at there homes, ages range anywhere from babies thru elementary age. She has been involved in many of her girlfriends and cousins weddings.

    Hope this note finds both of you happy and healthy,

    Love, Kathy



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