Best of …. Landscapes 2022

It has been an amazing year full of record camping trips throughout the year. It felt as if we camped out more in 2022 than we were home… and we LOVED it. What’s not to like – rolling out of bed to stunning overlooks, amazing sunrises and sunsets, and exploring the great outdoors we so adore. Suffice it to say, I have a lot of material to choose from for my ‘Best Of’ this year. So in no particular order are some of my favorite landscapes from the year. Feel free to weigh in on your personal favorite.

Four Peaks all aglow at sunrise over Roosevelt Lake.

Sandhill cranes takeoff at sunrise at Whitewater Draw in Southern AZ.

Sunrise over Alamo Lake

Sunset over Toroweap, part of Grand Canyon North Rim

Sunset at Tucson Mountain Park

Sunset at Dogtown Lake outside of Williams, AZ

Sunset at Kaibab Lake

Luna lake at sunset

Fall colors along Haigler Creek

Maple fall overlooks Haigler Creek

We got a lot of ‘dud’ skies. That’s becoming part of photography for us. But we were also gifted with some stunning sunset / sunrises and magnificent overlooks. We did a lot of lakes this year as the water makes for great reflections and attracts eagle and osprey. For my Best Of … Animals 2022 check out my post here ….


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