Blue Ridge Reservoid


We have not had much of a winter, or snow fall… or rain this summer.  As a result Blue Ridge Reservoir, our local waterway, has been pretty devoid of water.  Our recent fires haven’t helped much, with air support dipping into the reservoir for water needs to put out fires.

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Hiking into the river bed revealed the reality of the toll the reservoir has taken, when it was clear that the waterway was not only dry, but dry long enough to be covered with a fresh green grass.


While it was a beautiful hike, it heightened our need for rain… and a good snow fall this winter.


Blue Ridge Reservoir

Blue Ridge Reservoir is in my opinion the most picturesque lake in Northern Arizona.  Many of the lakes in Northern AZ are small, and while fishable, not the most attractive.  Lake Mary is popular upon the ‘walk in’s’ who climb down the hill to cast their lines.

Knoll Lake, Bear Lake, Kinnickinick, Ashurst, Woods Canyon are all part of the Northern AZ lake options.  But my heart belongs to Blue Ridge.  It’s windy green waters traverse through thickly forested high canyon walls.  bluridgresv_ssilog reflectn_ssi

tree rfl vert_Ssi Tall dense trees reflect on the waterways like a mirror.  Wildlife abounds.  On this particular trip we saw bald eagle, a blue heron fishing for dinner (, and wood ducks and their little ones.

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It’s a peaceful respite commonly enjoyed by an abundance of rude camp canoe organizations and kayakers.  The Forest Service is now syphoning off water to Payson, compromising our tax payer recreational resource.  The water continues to drop at a rapid pace.  Yet, with it’s many flaws, and frustrating politics, it is a beautiful lake that should be enjoyed and shared by all, as long as we are ‘allowed’ by the US Forest Service to do so.

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