Why I Blog

I saw this most interesting post on a beautiful blog, who stopped by the other day to visit my blog.

Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY at http://leannecolephotography.com/2015/02/13/up-for-discussion-why-we-blog-2/ started this fascinating discussion, ‘Why I Blog’, and I couldn’t resist but join in.

In 2009 after watching Julie & Julia, the movie, I realized how easy it was to do a blog.  The movie mentioned, blogspot… and it’s free.  So I in Dec 2009 I started a blog, krittersmenu.blogspot.com.  It chronicled the food we ate every day for a year.  Life got busy, and so I took a year+ sabbatical from the blog.  When I restarted it, my interests and life had changed and my blogspot blog became a hodge-podge of photographs, travels, food, and projects… an eclectic mix to be sure.

I found blogspot to be very cumbersome to manipulate, customize, track, get comments (most people continued to have issues with commenting).  So in Dec 2014 I made the plunge to separate my blog into 3 separate blogs:  kritterspaw.com (my general ramblings), krittersmenu.com (foodie blog), and kritterspix.com (photo blog).  With this new more organized format I switched to WordPress, finding it very easy to customize and use.  With the new blogs I made a commitment to a whole new philosophy for my blog.  It’s purpose became to help drive me to do better… to take and post better photos, to post interesting discussions, travel, projects, and foods.  I try to post on each of the 3 blogs at least once a week… though I am not always successful.  But that forced me to go out and take photos once a week; to make and eat post worthy foods once a week; and make progress on my projects once a week.  In a few short months it has driven me to produce better food photos, and take my camera with me more often to enable to capture unexpected photos of elk, eagles, etc.  I actively try to take better studio photographs for my food and projects, and it has inspired me to growth in great ways.

As an added, unexpected outcome, I have found people I never knew before reaching out to me and sharing their thoughts, their blogs, and their opinions.  I have also found that my photo blog serves as a venue to send to magazines for potential publication as a sort of portfolio.

While I’m new to WordPress and my new blogs, I am finding them very gratifying and satisfying in so many ways.  It’s allowed me to share my interests with a broader audience, without sending limited emails to selected segments.  I don’t do Facebook or Tweeter, and am social media ignorant, but I find this medium inspiring and thought provoking.  Thanks for visiting and sharing.


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  1. They all sound like fantastic reasons to blog. We come at it for different reasons, but the one thing we all seem to find in common is the admiration and respect from the blogging community and not to mention the friendships made. My circle of friends is so wide now, I haven’t met many of them, but they are friends non the less.



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