More Gourds


I had some lingering gourds sitting on the bench that needed to be worked so that the bench could be cleared for the next project — shelving units for my office.

So I sharpened the pencil, heated up the wood burner and got to work.


I wanted to do designs that were colorful and different.  I wanted them to be fun and professional looking.  I also wanted to take better photos of the finished projects.  What I have learned in taking photos of them, is I have a lot to learn about studio lighting.


My photographer friend, Maureen, turned me on to LimoStudio Lighting, .  For under $40 I got a tripod and soft box lighting.  Using it is another talent altogether… one that I still need to work out the kinks with, (though I am improving).


I do like the way they came out.  The colors and designs are original, fun, and professional… just as I had hoped.  Time to put the gourds away and move on.




  1. Thank you. That means a lot coming from you. You’re a real artist. I had to stick with geometric designs as I am just not able to draw the animals and art the way you can. That’s a gift. I’ll have to watch some studio lighting video’s to see what I can learn. The Limostudio light is a good deal, and helps a lot. (Note, there is another Limostudio kit that is around $55, and has two lights… worth looking at if you go that route.) I also got some cheap black fabric from the fabric store. That helps the gourd stand out from the background.



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